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Your small intestine is where most of the digestive process take place. Many abnormalities in the lower intestine, such as tumors and bleeding — which can't be seen with other endoscopes — can be viewed using Video Capsule Endoscopy.


Alexander P Gurrola M.D. has a lot of experience using this method. You'll swallow a vitamin-sized endoscopic camera, which takes photos as it passes through your system, enabling a clear view of your GI tract, and a complete internal exam.

Ultimate internal video of the small intestine

Get a clear diagnosis with Video Capsule Endoscopy

This procedure is a great aid in the diagnosis of Crohn's disease. It's not invasive and a hospital stay is not needed. The best part is you feel nothing and the video capsule passes discretely through your body. You won't even know it was there. Dr. Gurrola will explain the procedure in detail.


Dr. Gurrola, and his family-owned and operated clinic, accepts most insurance. He has a 5-star rating on WebMD and is accepting new patients. Call today.

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Video Capsule Endoscopy is a Dynamic Video of the GI Tract